Banksy creates series of new murals in war-torn Ukraine – News

Banksy has confirmed that he is behind seven new murals at various locations across Ukraine.

His art appeared in areas such as the city of Borodyanka, the country’s capital, Kyiv, and its suburbs of Irpin, which were among the regions most affected by the Russian invasion.

Rumors had started to spread that Banksy was in the country, after works resembling his black and white stenciled style were spotted and shared on social media last week. The anonymous artist has now confirmed he was behind the murals, posting on Instagram.

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One piece that was spotted showed what appears to be a woman in a dressing gown standing next to a burnt-out window, brandishing a fire extinguisher and wearing a gas mask covering her face.

Another shows a gymnast doing a handstand on rubble at the side of a bombed-out building, while a third shows a grown man being knocked to the ground by a young boy, both in martial arts uniforms. Russian President Vladimir Putin was awarded an honorary black belt this year by World Taekwondo revoked this year, although no link has been confirmed by the artist.

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The martial arts mural appeared in Borodyanka, a town about 30 miles north of Kyiv. It was one of the areas hardest hit by the war, with the BBC reporting that it had endured some of the worst shelling in the entire country.

One of the confirmed artworks depicted a dancer performing with a ribbon above a hole in the side of a building in Irpin. In May 2022, it emerged that hundreds of civilians had been massacred by invading Russian forces.

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