China wants to reproduce the Ukrainian crisis in Taiwan

May 10, 2022 11:29 p.m. STI

beijing [China]May 10 (ANI): The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has surprised Chinese leaders who are weighing the costs and consequences of any future use of force to take control of Taiwan.
According to Policy Research Group, independent Chinese refiners are quietly buying Russian oil at deeply discounted prices during the ongoing war in Ukraine to avoid falling under US sanctions.
Additionally, in March, Russia purchased 9,950 metric tons of alumina from China, nearly 10 times more than Russia purchased in the same period a year earlier, POREG added, citing data Chinese customs.
Meanwhile, Chinese authorities are also carrying out a large-scale check on the stability of the Chinese economy amid concerns over sanctions over cooperation with Russia. Chinese companies are quietly weighing the risk of “secondary sanctions” if they continue to supply Russia with products that may involve US technologies.
According to a CNN report, China is extending an olive branch to the United States in an effort to prevent Chinese companies from being forced out of the US stock market as a result of the sanctions.

CIA Director William Burns said: “The bitter experience of the first 10 to 11 weeks of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict came as a surprise to China and its leaders are weighing the costs and consequences of any future recourse to force to take control of Taiwan. .”
Continuing further, he said Chinese President Xi Jinping was “disturbed” due to “economic uncertainty” and “reputational damage” from China’s association with the “brutality of aggression”. of Russia” against Ukraine.
Meanwhile, Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu expressed hope that the international community would support the Taiwanese government in the event of a Chinese invasion and impose sanctions on China in the same way the sanctions were imposed. against Russia.
However, on a contradictory note, countries that have traditionally taken a non-aligned approach to foreign policy have steered clear of the US campaign to economically isolate Russia, as most South American countries , Africa and Asia stand aside, according to the media.
With the conflict in Ukraine unfolding, the Chinese apparently have a first-hand assessment of the western world’s stomach for a fight, which does not involve boots on the ground, many in China have had the apparent motive to annex the territory of a non-nuclear and small country. (ANI)

Christi C. Elwood