Chinese President Xi Jinping expresses willingness to resolve Ukraine crisis

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday said he was ready to play a “constructive role” to help resolve the Ukraine crisis, Chinese state media reported.

In a phone conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, Xi said, “All parties concerned should adopt a responsible attitude, thereby promoting the correct settlement of the crisis in Ukraine.”

“China is ready to continue playing its constructive role,” Xi was quoted as saying by Chinese state television.

Xi stressed that China has always independently assessed the situation based on the historical background and the merits of the issue, and actively promoted world peace and the stability of the world economic order, the report said. official Chinese news agency Xinhua.

All parties should push for a proper settlement of the Ukraine crisis in a responsible manner, Xi said, adding that to this end, China will continue to play its due role.

However, it is not yet clear whether Xi has offered to mediate an end to the Russian-Ukrainian war, shrugging off Beijing’s earlier reluctance to do so.

China, a close ally of Russia, has firmly refused to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine since Putin launched a special military operation, which led to the United States and its allies imposing sweeping sanctions to Russia and to step up arms deliveries to kyiv.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict escalated into war when Moscow launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

For his part, Putin, while praising China’s remarkable development and achievements under Xi’s strong leadership, voiced Russia’s support for the Chinese president’s new initiatives, the Global Security Initiative (GSI) and s opposes any force of interference in China’s internal affairs using so-called issues like Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan, among others, as an excuse.

He noted that Russia is ready to strengthen multilateral coordination with China to make constructive efforts to boost the world’s multipolarization and establish a more just and reasonable international order, according to the Xinhua report.

During his conversation with Putin, Xi noted that since the beginning of the year, bilateral relations between China and Russia have maintained good momentum of development amid global turmoil and transformation.

Economic and trade cooperation between the two countries has made steady progress, Xi said, adding that the Heihe-Blagoveshchensk cross-border highway bridge has been opened for traffic, creating a new channel connecting the two countries.

The Chinese side is ready to work with the Russian side to promote the steady and long-term development of practical bilateral cooperation, Xi said.

China is willing to work with Russia to continue to support each other on each other’s core sovereignty and security interests and major concerns by deepening their strategic coordination and strengthening communication and coordination within the country. international and regional organizations as important as the United Nations. United Nations, the BRICS mechanism and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, he said.

China is also willing to work with Russia to promote solidarity and cooperation between emerging and developing countries, and push forward the development of international order and global governance towards a more just and reasonable direction. , Xi added.

(With PTI inputs)

Christi C. Elwood