Countries should study origins of Ukraine crisis: Iranian defense minister

TEHRAN – Iran’s Defense Minister said on Tuesday that countries should vigilantly study and address the roots of the Ukraine crisis.

Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani made the remarks during a meeting with Chairman of Pakistan’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Nadim Raza.

Ashtiani also referred to the important and influential position of Iran and Pakistan in regional developments and the Islamic world, Al Alam reported.

He also stressed the need to develop relations with the brotherly and friendly country of Pakistan in all areas.

“There is no doubt that cooperation between Iran and Pakistan in various fields of defense under the current complex regional and global conditions would contribute significantly to improving the security situation in the West Asian region. “, remarked the Minister of Defense.

He stressed that the two countries should not allow other countries to interfere or influence the pace of development and consolidation of bilateral cooperation.

“The priority of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to develop and strengthen relations and cooperation with neighboring countries and the region,” the minister added.

General Ashtiani expressed the satisfaction of the Islamic Republic with the good measures taken in recent years to transform the border crossings between the two countries into safe zones for economic exchanges.

He added: “We are still far from the required situation, and there is no doubt that cooperation between Iran and Pakistan in various fields of defense under tense circumstances would significantly contribute to improving the security situation in West Asia”.

During the meeting, the Iranian Defense Minister also criticized the destructive role of America and the West for their unilateral and totalitarian approaches.

Referring to the war in Ukraine, he said: “The principled policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been to oppose war, the killing of innocent civilians and the destruction of state infrastructure. around the world. But countries need to vigilantly study and address the roots of the crisis.

General Ashtiani also drew attention to the pain and suffering of the oppressed Afghan people, saying that after 20 years of occupation and plunder by the United States, the only way for Afghanistan to emerge from the current dilemma is to form an inclusive government with the participation of all ethnic groups.

He said: “We believe that the way to resolve regional crises is through the participation of all countries in the region, as well as relying on the internal capacities of countries.

General Ashtiani also described as important the mutual visits between the military and defense officials of Iran and Pakistan. He listed the very good opportunities available to both sides in the field of production of military and defense equipment and in the economic and industrial fields, calling for sharing these opportunities for mutual cooperation and implementation of the agreements. of both parties.

For his part, General Nadim Reda stressed the importance of the meetings between Pakistani and Iranian defense officials, saying, “We are looking for more areas of cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

He also hailed Iran’s defense achievements, saying Islamabad is ready for any defence, technical and security cooperation with the aim of establishing stability and security in the region.

General Nadim Reza said it is necessary to develop comprehensive cooperation between the two countries, inviting the Iranian Defense Minister to pay an official visit to Pakistan.

The Pakistani general also met with President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi on Tuesday, according to the official website of the Iranian Presidency. Speaking during the meeting with General Nadim Reza, Raisi thanked the Pakistani government and army for their cooperation in improving the security situation at the border between the two countries. “The good relations between the armed forces of the two countries have created relatively good security conditions at the border between the two countries.”

He went on to say that the presence of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan for two decades had resulted in nothing but killing and destruction.

The Pakistani military official added, “It is imperative that the Taliban form a comprehensive government in Afghanistan in such a way that all ethnic groups participate in order to bring peace and development to the country.”

During the meeting, General Nadim Reza also said, “As Chairman of the Pakistan Army Chiefs of Staff Committee, I have always believed that Iran is a close friend of Pakistan.”

He added: “The numerous diplomatic visits by the Pakistani authorities to Iran over the past month are proof of our interest in deepening relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Christi C. Elwood