Crisis in Ukraine: aid convoy led by the Ipswich company

19:00 12 October 2022

An Ipswich company prepares to lead a 21-hour convoy to deliver vital humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

As part of its Plant and Hire Aid Alliance, Ardent Hire Solutions will be at the center of a fleet of 16 vans carrying supplies such as emergency beds, medical supplies, long-term food and a makeshift ambulance .

In August, the United Nations said 12 million people had fled their homes in Ukraine, including five million who left for neighboring countries and seven million who remain displaced.
– Credit: Ardent Hire Solutions

The convoy will begin its journey in St Neots on Sunday October 16 and travel through Germany and Poland before stopping in Košice, Slovakia, near the Ukrainian border.

There, a number of aid workers will unpack the supplies in a warehouse before transporting them to the war-torn country.

“We are doing our part to support the humanitarian relief effort,” said Jeremy Fish, CEO of Ardent.

Jeremy Fish and another volunteer.

Jeremy Fish (left) said: ‘We are doing our part to support the humanitarian relief effort’
– Credit: Ardent Hire Solutions

“It’s not about advertising.

“We just want to be a force for good and remind people that this crisis is still going on.”

Boxes in a van.

Jeremy said there were “around 1500 boxes to deliver”
– Credit: Ardent Hire Solutions

Supplies are raised through donations from businesses and the general public.

The list of provisions sought was compiled by Rotary International.

The company has been running convoys since March 2022, a month after the start of the Russian invasion.

This time the fleet will include a makeshift ambulance that will be left in Ukraine.

“We have around 1,500 boxes to deliver,” Jeremy said.


Supplies are raised through donations from businesses and the general public
– Credit: Ardent Hire Solutions

“There are a number of factory rental companies that are participating and helping.

“We want to show that we are an industry that can do a lot of good.”

The convoy will leave St Neots on Sunday at 6am before resting a bit in Dresden on Saturday evening.

The vans will then head to Slovakia on Monday.

Directions on Google Maps.

In total, the route will cover over 1,200 miles and over 21 hours
– Credit: Google Maps

In total, the route will stretch over 1,200 miles.

Speaking to this newspaper in August, Jeremy said: “We want to raise awareness about the reality of this human tragedy.

“As winter approaches, it will only get worse.

“This project aims to help those at the heart of this human tragedy that continues to unfold before our eyes.”

Christi C. Elwood