Crisis in Ukraine: first estimates indicate that the reconstruction of the AN-225 Mriya will cost 500 million euros

LONDON – The first estimates published by ANTONOV indicate that the cost of rebuilding the AN-225 Mriya will cost about 500 million euros.

This was during an announcement on Bild doing an article based on the construction of a second Mriya, in which an inaccuracy was admitted.

Via Twitter, the Ukrainian company said the following:

“In the presentation of information referring to the action of the general director of the state enterprise “ANTONOV” regarding the construction of the new “Mriya”, published by the publication “Bild” and some Ukrainian media, an inaccuracy was Currently, design work in this direction has begun.

“According to the expert evaluation available, currently about 30% of the components can be used for the second sample.”

“The construction cost of the aircraft is estimated at at least 500 million euros. However, it is too early to speak of a specific amount. More information will be after the victory”.

A promising sign?

In April, Antonov presented his plans to rebuild the Mriya.

This gigantic new program seems to have been divided into two sections:

  • Use crowdfunding funds for the destroyed reconstruction of Mriya.
  • The State to finance the new cargo ship Mriya.

The reconstruction of Mriya destroyed…

The upper half of the Mriya was destroyed following the invasion by Russian paratroopers in March, prompting condemnation within the industry.

As a result, Antonov has launched a crowdfunding campaign on its social media, with the company now confirming that the funds raised through this fundraiser will be used exclusively for this Mriya.

According aerotelegraph.comthere will be transparent reporting on how the money is spent on the program, keeping donors up to date on this incredible rebuilding project.

“The destruction of the legendary and unique An-225 by the racists was a blow not only for the Antonov company but for the whole world community,” the company said on Facebook.

The second Mriya?…

When the first Mriya was destroyed, Antonov promised that the unbuilt second Mriya would be completed.

This second frame has been kept since the decision to stop production of the second, when the costs were high at the time.

Antonov seems to want to make the second Mriya much more modern than the first, which isn’t surprising.

The first Mriya used Soviet-era technology, which required multiple crew members to operate the aircraft. This includes meeting advanced airworthiness standards in the future.

On top of that, the original timing and cost of Ukroboronprom looks uncertain now.

Initially, the company said the redevelopment program would cost around $3 billion and take three to five years.

But with Ukraine’s economy in tatters as a result of the conflict, and with Ukroboronprom’s funding decided by the state, it’s becoming increasingly clear that it could take longer.

That’s all we know for now…

While this is a small update, it’s probably the most we’ll get from Antonov for a few more months, especially as the conflict in Ukraine continues.

As soon as the conflict ends, we will of course not know more about what is happening with the project.

There is, of course, a lot of excitement about the revamped program, as well as a second Mriya that could hit the skies in the near future.

Christi C. Elwood