Crisis in Ukraine: Ukraine International Airlines extends flight suspension until January 2023

LONDON – Unsurprisingly, Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) has extended its flight suspensions until January 11, 2023, as the Ukraine crisis continues.

UIA Statement…

The UIA said the following on the suspension:

“The UIA stresses that it remains in contact and will continue to remain in contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.”

“In view of the difficult situation under martial law, the air carrier draws attention to the possibility of forced delays and feedback complications on the service channels of communication with passengers and expects understanding.”

“All up-to-date information on the future status of flights will, if possible, be provided on the official UIA website. Currently, passengers of canceled flights can take advantage of the following opportunities (taking into account technical nuances in the conditions of martial law in Ukraine):

  • Reissue of tickets for flights that were canceled from February 24 to new dates after the situation has stabilized;
  • Cancellation of the reservation so that the ticket remains active for reissue on new dates, which may be specified later, during the validity period of the ticket (one year from the date of purchase);
  • Promo code for the full amount of the ticket;
  • Refund of the ticket price. Please note that it is not possible to specify the exact terms of reimbursement;
  • All promotional codes issued before March 31, 2022 will be automatically extended until March 31, 2024;
  • Passengers who wish to receive a refund of the cost of the promotional code will have this possibility. However, it is not possible to specify the exact repayment dates.

“For a consultation or reissue of tickets, we recommend that you contact the agencies where the tickets were purchased or the Customer Assistance Center by filling out the necessary feedback form on the airline’s official website.”

“Passengers of canceled flights will be informed of further actions by email or by phone indicated in the reservation. Passengers are requested to check that Ukraine International Airlines has up-to-date contact information – email and phone numbers individual laptops.

“For charter flight passengers, please contact your tour operators for information on charter flight status and schedules.”

“The UIA team is taking all possible measures to ensure the safety of our passengers.”

Not surprising…

This is not surprising news, given that the war in Ukraine is still ongoing. With Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson, one wonders how much longer this conflict will continue.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see if the UIA will extend the suspensions again, especially if Russia seems to be on the ropes at the moment.

One thing that can be mentioned is that the UIA is making great efforts to generate as much revenue as possible in order to stay afloat during this difficult time.

Either way, all eyes are now on the UIA to see how they can get through the 2022/23 winter season and if the wet lease deals will be enough to survive another year.

Their survival is paramount.

Christi C. Elwood