Four explosions rock the Ukrainian capital | Kiran of Udaipur | Latest news from Udaipur

Kiev, March 3: Four explosions rock Kiev on the eighth day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to The Kyiv Independent, two loud explosions were heard in central Kyiv. The third and fourth explosions were heard near Kiev’s Druzhby Narodiv metro station. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a Facebook video post that 9,000 Russians had been killed in a week. “More and more occupiers are fleeing to Russia, away from us, from you, from all those who hunt the enemy with javelins, guns, tanks, helicopters – with everything that shoots. I wish you health, ethnic Ukrainians, strong and kind, but not to the enemy! “We are a nation that has shattered the enemy’s plans in a week – plans that have been built for years, vile, calculated, with hatred for our country, for our people, for any people who have 2 things: freedom and heart. But we arrested them and beat them. “Our military, our border guards, our territorial defense, even ordinary farmers capture the Russian army every day. And all the captives say only one thing: they don’t know why they are here. Despite the fact that If there are dozens of times more, the enemy’s morale continues to deteriorate. While praising the bravery of the Ukrainians in blocking roads or standing in front of Russian forces and their vehicles, he said: ” By blocking the roads, people get out in front of enemy vehicles – it’s extremely dangerous, but what courage. It’s also salvation. He also said: “Let’s throw them away with shame, like those people who hunt the occupiers of grocery stores when the Russian army tries to find food. They are not superpower warriors, they are confused children who have been used. “They won’t have peace here, they won’t have food here, they won’t have a single quiet moment here. The occupiers will receive only one thing from Ukraine: a rebuff, a rebuff worthy of the name. They will always remember that we don’t give up. “Our army is doing everything to completely smash the enemy,” Zelenskyy added. RNJ

Christi C. Elwood