How a group of artists is trying to help the Ukrainian crisis

Automotive Artists for Ukraine is taking direct action this weekend to help support the country. A charitable endeavor mobilizing the exceptional talents of automotive artists and the racing community to create an art sale that directly benefits the Red Cross. This is where we meet Reverend Adam Gompertz, one of the kind and inspired brains behind the idea.

“Myself and a fellow artist, Jonny Ambrose, who is a world famous sculptor, had a long phone conversation and we were talking about what we were all seeing on the news. We were wondering what we could do. We are all the two came to the conclusion that the only thing we can do is color in, so we thought we might as well do something with it.

For those of you who know Adam, he can do so much more than “color” as he modestly puts it. A regular at Goodwood events and a former Rolls-Royce designer, we’ve spent countless hours watching over his shoulder as he brings automotive beauty to life with his freehand sketches.

“We are both fortunate to know quite a few members of the automotive art community. So we started contacting them and asking if they would consider donating an artwork to the cause. One hundred percent of what we sell the art for goes directly to the Red Cross and the Disasters Emergency Commission.

“So many artists have come forward to be part of it. And then so many people bought art. It’s just amazing. The response has been absolutely amazing. I think we’re up to almost £40,000 since we launched the initiative four and a half weeks ago.

Christi C. Elwood