Latest in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin may order MARTIAL LAW and close borders as Russia intensifies its brutal conscription campaign

Russian reservists arrive in Ukraine

According to the Defense Ministry, Russian reservists forced to join Putin’s army have started arriving in Ukraine.

A statement released yesterday read: “The first batches of men called up as part of Russia’s partial mobilization have started arriving at military bases. Several tens of thousands of bulletins of appeal have already been issued.

“Russia will now face an administrative and logistical challenge to ensure the training of troops.

“Unlike most Western militaries, the Russian military provides low-level initial training to soldiers within their designated operational units, rather than dedicated training establishments.

“As a rule, one battalion within each Russian brigade will remain in garrison if the other two deploy and can provide a cadre of instructors to train new recruits or reinforcements. However, Russia deployed many of these third battalions to Ukraine.

“Many of the recruited soldiers will not have had military experience for a few years.

“The lack of military trainers and the haste with which Russia has begun mobilization suggest that many of the recruited troops will deploy to the frontline with minimal relevant preparation. They are likely to experience a high attrition rate.

Christi C. Elwood