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Truss “lost his bearings” and made a “mistake” by “playing at the gallery”, suggests Macron

Earlier, in our 12:42 p.m. article, we brought you a reaction to Liz Truss’ comments about Emmanuel Macron.

The Conservative leadership candidate and current foreign secretary, said the “jury is out” on whether the French president is friend or foe.

We have now received more comments from Mr. Macron.

Asked about his reaction during an official visit to Algeria, he said: “Listen, it’s never good to lose your bearings too much in life.

“If you asked me the question, that’s pretty much how I’m going to answer you…

“Whoever is being considered and whoever the future leadership is in Britain, I don’t hesitate for a second.

“The UK is France’s friend. And you know, we live in a complicated world.

“You have more and more illiberals, authoritarian democracies and unbalancing powers.

“If, between us, French and British, we are not able to say whether we are friends or enemies – the term is not neutral – we are heading for serious problems.

“So yes, certainly, let me say the British people, the United Kingdom is a friendly, strong and allied nation, regardless of its leadership, and sometimes despite and beyond its leadership, or any slippage potential they make when playing at the gallery.”

Christi C. Elwood