Life goes on as usual in Ukrainian capital despite reports of evacuation of embassy staff – SABC News

Life in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, is going on as usual, residents said, although there are reports of diplomatic personnel being evacuated from the city these days.

As tensions with Russia escalate, Germany and Sweden joined the United States and the United Kingdom on Saturday in urging their nationals in Ukraine to leave the country.

The foreign ministries of Poland and Turkey have also issued travel advisories, advising their nationals to avoid non-essential travel to Ukraine’s eastern borders.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense has instructed its National Defense Force to prepare for the evacuation of citizens from Ukraine, and the Australian Embassy in Ukraine will evacuate its diplomatic personnel.

However, on a busy shopping street in downtown Kiev, shops and restaurants are open as usual.
Wassily, a local resident, who works in a market near Business Street, said his life has not been affected and it is the media that is causing panic.

“I don’t think there will be a war. “Wars” are only in the media. I think the escalation of the situation is good for Biden to a certain extent because it brings benefits to him at home,” Wassily said.

Like Wassily, Nailia, another neighborhood resident who handed out coupons on the street, also felt there was no need to panic.
“I don’t believe there will be wars. I think it’s just bullying, which is making people live in fear. We don’t need to be afraid. We must remain vigilant and fear is our enemy,” Nailia said.

The Ukrainian currency against the US dollar remained stable on Friday and Saturday, without significant depreciation.
For the people of Kiev, life goes on despite worries about the future.

“As a former military man, I think the current situation has been exaggerated. Although I have left the army, I know clearly that waging war requires sufficient logistical support and medical services. We no longer see the signs now,” said resident Petro.

“Nobody can be 100% sure that there will be a war. I don’t even think the (Ukrainian) president knows about it. So we don’t have to worry about where the war will start. S ‘There is a war one day, we should find a way to deal with it, but it’s not now,’ said Elu Khan, a photographer.

On Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin had phone calls with US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron respectively about the situation in Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden urges US citizens to leave Ukraine

Christi C. Elwood