LS Speaker Birla : Newsdrum

New Delhi, Oct 6 (PTI) Lok Sabha Chairman Om Birla said on Thursday that the Russia-Ukraine crisis has hurt global food and energy security, and said India believes these conflicts should be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy.

He added that the global instability caused by COVID-19 has also tested the world’s food and energy security, especially in developing countries.

“The global instability caused by COVID-19 has created a food and energy security crisis around the world. The Russian-Ukrainian crisis has also adversely affected food and energy security around the world,” Birla said during the P20 Summit (Presidents of the G-20 Summit of Parliaments) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

He reiterated that India has always supported a rules-based international order, according to a statement released by the Lok Sabha Secretariat.

“It is in this spirit that India has called for supporting multilateralism for global peace and stability so that we can come together to tackle the challenges facing the world and find solutions in line with the aspirations of the people,” Birla said, according to the statement. .

Referring to various Indian government programs on food and energy security, Birla suggested that it is the responsibility of all parliaments to sensitize their governments on important global issues such as food and energy security, climate change and sustainable development. PTI JTR TIR TIR

Christi C. Elwood