McDonald’s resumes service in Ukrainian capital

McDonald’s restaurants in Kyiv reopened on Tuesday, a symbol of the war-torn country’s return to normality and a sign of support after the US fast-food chain pulled out of Russia.

The burger giant closed its Ukrainian restaurants after the Russian invasion nearly seven months ago, but continued to pay more than 10,000 McDonald’s employees in the country.

The three restaurants that have reopened in the capital only offer a delivery service, but customers were not lacking on Tuesday as delivery drivers came in and out in droves, picking up orders.

As it reopened in Ukraine, McDonald’s sold its 850 restaurants in Russia to a franchisee.

It came three decades after McDonald’s opened its first location in Moscow, becoming a powerful symbol of the easing of Cold War tensions.

McDonald’s had closed hundreds of Russian locations in March, costing the company about $55 million a month.

Selling its Russian restaurants was the company’s first time exiting a major market.

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Christi C. Elwood