News from Ukraine: The city has thousands of Molotov cocktails ready for Russia’s attack | World | News

Reports suggest that Ivano-Frankivsk, a city in western Ukraine, prepared around 10,000 “bottled napalm” weapons on rooftops. If Russian armored columns attack the city, Ukrainian troops and volunteers have erected barricades and will climb onto the rooftops to throw pipe bombs at the troops.

Ivano-Frankivsk also prepared stinger chains of rovings from sharpened metal beams, called “hedgehogs”.

These will be fired through cobblestone lanes to sting wheeled armored vehicles before Molotovs are thrown for a ‘wall of fire’.

Sandbagged machine gun positions were also erected in the town.

Ivano Frankivsk became a hub of the war effort, with up to £10,000 worth of medicine, military clothing and food earmarked for the front line.

Serhill Syvachuk, head of the Carpathian Regional Defense HQ, told the Mirror: “So far, this area has sent 150 new volunteers to Kyiv to help fight Russian forces.

“We have 10,000 Molotov cocktails on the rooftops above our streets ready to go. If they come here, they won’t go home. Certainly not. A nightmare awaits them here.

“In the east, our frontline heroes are lions, they are fighting with such courage and spirit and they have stood up to the Russian army, which has been unmasked.

“Turns out the devil isn’t so scary after all, he’s just pure evil, attacking women and children. Women and children? We win.

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“We learned lessons from the front – now local scientists are helping us make better cocktails for Putin’s troops.

“They will face a wall of fire. It’s just cannon fodder. All of Ukraine is mobilized against this evil demon.

“Where does the Ukrainian spirit come from? They are on our land, threatening our families, our women and our children – where do you think that comes from?

“We are on our own land, Ukraine, that’s where it comes from. We are Ukrainians.

“And this so-called power of the Russian army has been exposed. It’s not that strong, is it now? »


It comes as Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said two million people have fled the capital, around half of its total population.

He told Ukrainian television: “Every second person living in Kyiv has left.”

The exodus follows reports that Vladimir Putin’s troops were within a few miles of Kiev, but footage shows them being forced to retreat.

Russian soldiers launched two attacks on Kiev on Wednesday, one via the besieged western town of Irpin, and the other via the eastern district of Brovary.

It also comes as Boris Johnson said he expected Russia to be preparing to deploy chemical weapons in Ukraine.

The Prime Minister told Sky News: “I’m giving you another prediction by the way.

“What you hear about chemicals comes straight from [the Russian] playbook. They start saying that there are chemical weapons stored by their adversaries or by the Americans.

“And so when they deploy chemical weapons themselves – as I fear – they have a fake story ready to go.

“And you’ve seen it in Syria, you’ve even seen it in the UK…I just note that they’re already doing that. It’s a cynical and barbaric government – I’m afraid.

Christi C. Elwood