News Wrap: Russia targets Ukraine’s capital with series of missile attacks

Geoff Bennet:

G7 leaders are considering new bans on gold imports from Russia and possible price caps on Russian oil in response to the war on Ukraine. The group also announced a $600 billion infrastructure project to counter China’s influence in the developing world. Meanwhile, hundreds of protesters marched through the city as leaders gather to demand more action on Ukraine, climate change and inflation.

Norway today mourns the victims of yesterday’s shooting outside a popular gay nightclub in Oslo which left two dead and injured more than 20. The Prime Minister and members of the Royal Family have honored at a memorial service at Oslo Cathedral. Others placed flowers and rainbow flags near the site of the attack. Police have identified a 42-year-old Norwegian citizen as a suspect. The authority said he had been on their radar since 2015 and believed he joined a Norwegian network of Islamist extremists.

And at least 22 young people have been found dead at a South African nightclub in the coastal city of East London. A local newspaper reported that bodies were strewn across tables and chairs with no visible signs of injury. Police are investigating but at this time the cause of death is unknown.

And yet to come on “PBS News Weekend,” the NFL is facing criticism for its handling of a misconduct charge against Washington commanders and star quarterback Deshaun Watson. And a nonprofit is tackling inequality by building playgrounds in low-income neighborhoods.

Christi C. Elwood