Nicola Sturgeon says crisis in Ukraine makes arguments for Scottish independence ‘more important’

The crisis in Europe caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine has made the case for Scottish independence “more important”, said Nicola Sturgeon.

The Prime Minister used an interview with a US news agency to argue that ending the Union would allow Scotland to play “its full role…in trying to find a solution to the challenges facing the world is confronted”.

The SNP leader concluded a two-day visit to Washington DC where she met with congressional leaders, including Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Sturgeon used the trip to make clear his support for Scotland joining NATO should the country ever vote for independence in the future.

In an interview with The Associated Press today, she insisted Scotland would remain a key US and EU ally should it ever break away from the UK.

“Because Scotland’s geographical position, in a key part of the North Atlantic, means it would be essential for our security,” said the prime minister.

She dismissed arguments made by pro-Union parties that independence would weaken the UK and NATO at a time of Russian aggression in Eastern Europe.

“I believe that with all the challenges it is all the more important that Scotland plays its full part in trying to be a constructive voice in the world – and trying to find a solution to the challenges the world is facing. confronted,” the prime minister said.

“Independence equips us better to do that.”

She added: “At heart, the Scottish independence movement is an internationalist project.

“It’s not about turning away from the world, it’s not about separation, it’s about how to ensure that Scotland – a country with historic traditions to be a force in the world – may play this positive force in the world in the future.”

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Christi C. Elwood