Pentagon chief Austin confirms upcoming ‘Rammstein format’ meeting to discuss Ukraine crisis

Amid the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war, the Pentagon has confirmed the upcoming Rammstein-format weapons meeting for Ukraine. U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced his visit to Belgium on Saturday to host the next in-person meeting of the Defense Contact Group in Ukraine. Notably, the meeting will bring together leaders from around the world to briefly discuss the ongoing crisis in Ukraine following the Russian military offensive.

The development comes after the meeting that took place at the US Air Force base “Ramstein” in Germany last month, where representatives of more than 40 countries gathered to discuss the situation in Ukraine. The conference was organized to improve Ukraine’s defense capabilities to fight against invading Russian forces.

Taking to Twitter, the US Secretary of Defense announced: “Finally, I will be going to Brussels, Belgium to host the next in-person meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group. Leaders of the defense from around the world will be there to discuss the ongoing crisis in Ukraine following Russia’s unprovoked invasion. (sic)”

Austin’s trip will begin on Tuesday, June 7, and the first foreign visits will be to Singapore and Thailand. “After that, I will go to Brussels for the next meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group in a personal presence format. Defense ministers from around the world will discuss the current situation in Ukraine,” said Lloyd Austin.

During his visit, he will also participate in a meeting of NATO defense ministers. “Among other things, we will discuss Sweden’s and Finland’s membership applications and continue our dialogue on the response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” he said.

It should be mentioned here that after the second meeting of the Contact Group in mid-May, 20 countries announced new security assistance programs for Ukraine, including the transfer of artillery systems and critical ammunition.

Meeting in Rammstein format

The first meeting of world leaders to discuss the ongoing Ukraine crisis took place on April 26. The second meeting of the International Defense Advisory Group convened by the United States was held in Germany on May 23. The summit brought together heads of defense agencies from more than 40 countries.

The Rammstein 2 conference of world leaders took place after the US Congress and Senate passed a bill calling for a total of $40 billion to be allocated in the US budget to help Ukraine. Now, the next Rammstein 3 meeting is scheduled to take place on June 15 in Brussels.

(Picture: AP)

Christi C. Elwood