Putin says Russia continues all energy exports, including via Ukraine – Economy – War in Ukraine

This video taken and released by the Russian Presidential Press Service on March 8, 2022 shows Russian President Vladimir Putin delivering a speech on International Women’s Day, in Moscow. AFP

“We are meeting all of our energy supply obligations,” Putin told a televised government meeting on the fallout from the sanctions.

“Even the gas transport system in Ukraine is 100% filled in accordance with the contracts,” he added.

The Russian president also said that Western sanctions against Moscow had started hurting the United States and Europe.

“Their prices are going up, but it’s not our fault. It’s the result of their own miscalculations. There’s no reason to blame us,” Putin said.

Putin also mocked Washington for what he said were their efforts to sign energy contracts with Western adversaries Iran and Venezuela.

“They are already trying at all costs to get along with the countries against which they themselves have imposed illegitimate restrictions,” he said.

“And they are ready to make peace with Iran and immediately sign all the documents. And with Venezuela. They went to Venezuela to negotiate with them,” he added.

Wholesale gas and crude oil prices in Europe hit record or near-record prices this week on supply fears over Putin’s decision to send tens of thousands of troops to Ukraine on Feb. 24.

The United States and Britain announced earlier this week that they were cutting Russian energy imports in response to what the Kremlin called Moscow’s ‘special military operation’, triggering another price spike .

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Christi C. Elwood