Putin says Russian military could be ‘significantly superior’ to rivals

At the Army-2022 military forum and international military competition, Russian President Vladimir Putin touted the weapons available to Moscow, saying some are “decades ahead of foreign analogues.” While hailing Moscow’s weaponry as significantly superior and ahead of its rivals, Putin said he was ready to sell these advanced weapons to allies around the world and boost military cooperation in countries. in development. President Putin said that Moscow had close ties with Latin America, Asia and Africa, and added that he was “ready to offer partners and allies the most modern types of weapons – light weapons to armored vehicles and artillery, combat aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles”. .”

“Our people are proud of their army and navy, the professionalism and courage of their defenders. At all times, they have reliably protected the sovereignty and security of the motherland, brought freedom to other peoples” , Putin said at the Army-2022 military forum.

“And today, in a special military operation, our soldiers, together with the Donbass fighters, are honorably fulfilling their duty, fighting for Russia, for a peaceful life in the people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, clearly fulfilling all the tasks set – step by step to liberate the country of Donbass,” he added.

The World’s Greatest Military Exhibitions

Putin said that the Russian Army Forum has proven its significance and importance for several years and has earned its place among the world’s largest military exhibitions. He thanked Russian arms manufacturers for producing unbeatable advanced weapons that “work for the victory and technological and industrial development” of Russia, and are appreciated for their “reliability, quality and high efficiency”. According to Putin, the Russian military forum provides a good opportunity to learn about some of the top models capable of defeating its rivals.

“Promising models and systems that look to the future and will determine the ‘tomorrow’ of the armed forces are particularly interesting,” the Russian president said.

“We are talking about high-precision weapons and robotics, combat complexes based on new physical principles. Many of them are years, even decades ahead of their foreign analogues, and significantly surpass them in terms of tactical and technical characteristics,” he said. added.

Christi C. Elwood