Putin’s excellent Ukrainian crisis and other comments

Foreign Office: Vlad’s excellent Ukrainian crisis

“Vladimir Putin is going through a good crisis in Ukraine”, Walter Russell Mead’s Notes to the Wall Street Journal. “Ukraine is a popular problem in Russia”, and the deadlock “gives Russia back a sense of well-being”, as many are “nostalgic for the good old days of empire”, to which Ukraine was ” integral ”. Moreover, the confrontation “divides American opinion while uniting the Russians”. Putin also has more “angles to play”, because “India’s relations with Russia, reinforced by Indian dismay at the hasty withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan, constitute a major problem for Indian politics. Pacific of Washington ”. So far, this has been “all gain” for Putin. But now, will he let “the crisis subside” or “continue to raise the temperature? “

Liberal: Joe’s economic ratings are lower than Jimmy’s

While “President Biden’s approval rating is down on a plethora of issues, his struggles are perhaps most notable on the economy,” observes CNN’s Harry Enten: He “now sports the lowest net economic score of any president at this point in their first term since at least Jimmy Carter in 1977.” Inflation, in particular, hurts him: “Only 28% of Americans endorsed the work it does to manage inflation in a recent ABC News / Ipsos poll, “even as” more voters said they were concerned about inflation than any other issue. . “And only 22%” said the Biden administration’s efforts to control inflation and rising prices were helping. ”Ouch.

Libertarian: Biden’s unnecessary car chargers

“Under its recently passed infrastructure bill, the Biden administration plans to spend $ 7.5 billion to build 500,000 electric vehicle chargers,” he added. says Joe Lancaster of Reason. But two obstacles to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles remain: cost and range. “Only five varieties of electric vehicles” now have “a range of over 350 miles per charge, and none of them sell for less than $ 47,000 base price.” “Well-placed vehicle chargers could alleviate the range problem,” but the Bidenites will likely buy slow-running level 2 chargers. But people won’t switch to electric cars unless they run like gasoline cars. “Spending billions on chargers that take an entire afternoon to charge a vehicle is not the way to do it. “

Curator: large grocery store? Seriously, Liz?

Powerline’s John Hinderaker laughs Senator Elizabeth Warren’s latest performative populism crises: “First, she accused Elon Musk of being a tax profiteer, just before he revealed he will pay $ 11 billion in taxes this year », An American record. Then “she blamed soaring food prices on ‘Big Grocery'” by tweeting that “giant grocery chains are charging high food prices.” Notes Hinderaker notes: “The grocery store business is notoriously competitive and relatively unprofitable. Yet Democrats continue to insist that “we were suddenly beset by a plethora of capitalist conspiracies,” from “Big Oil.” . . exploding gasoline prices “to automakers causing higher prices and now this – implying that it is a mere” coincidence “that the plots have come amidst” the printing of wild money and of the spending spree of the Biden administration “.

From the right: Democrats become more dangerous

“Democrats seem to be slipping further into their own illusions” after Senator Joe Manchin killed Build Back Better, warns Oliver Wiseman at Unherd. “Calls for changes to the rules governing the American system of government” are on the increase, with the AOC wanting to “suppress” the “very privileged, very authorized and very protected” Senate and Senator Chuck Schumer pivots to push “a bill who revise the voting laws in the United States. It’s not just that “you are more likely to complain about the quality of the officiating when you lose”. Without “Donald Trump’s unpopularity” against whom to run, “it is far from clear that they can form a coalition of voters large enough to keep both houses of Congress.” Hence the “return to something they can all agree on: wickedness on the other side.”

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Christi C. Elwood