Putin’s invasion fears ‘could trigger World War III’ as UK withdraws embassy staff and NATO sends in warships and jets

Joe Biden’s invitation to Vladimir Putin also applies to China

This is a comment by Trevor Kavanagh

BAFFLED Joe Biden, leader of the free world, has just invited murderous tyrant Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine.

At a rambling press conference, the US president suggested that a “minor incursion” by Russian forces would be more or less acceptable.

Germany has banned EU states from defending the terrified neighbor they once courted as a NATO ally. And “Vlad the bad guy”, with an invasion force of 100,000 men armed to the teeth on the border, decided to invade, whatever Europe and the United States had to say.

Russia, called a “serial rapist” by a Polish politician last week, has already reduced Chechnya to rubble and stolen Crimea. Putin will do the same in Kiev.

These are alarming times that threaten three quarters of a century of peace in Europe. Yet our prime minister — the only leader to send serious military aid to Ukraine — is embroiled in a political life struggle over a mid-lockdown BYOB in his backyard.

We may be on the brink of the biggest conflagration since World War II, but we know where our priorities lie – with drinking in the time of Covid. As the tanks roll in, Britain risks being plunged into a headless chicken chef meltdown fueled by dubious allegations of blackmail and Islamophobia.

Fortunately, our brilliant armed forces are not waiting for the parliamentary code of conduct to be applied. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has been preparing since November for the Russians to invade Ukraine and destroy its capital Kiev.

Under his orders, the army deploys anti-tank missiles and training squads to at least try to save 44 million Ukrainians who have fallen under the boot of “Mother Russia”.

Christi C. Elwood