Roundup of major international news amid the Russian-Ukrainian crisis | News

Here are some important stories that you might not have seen because of the latest news from Russia and Ukraine.

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine enters its fifth day, below is a summary of some of the major international stories you may have missed:

A ‘rain bomb’ hits Australia

A severe storm system hit the city of Brisbane in northeastern Australia, causing evacuations, power outages and school closures as the death toll rose to seven from flooding sudden changes that accompany it.

More than 1,400 homes in Queensland’s state capital were at risk of flooding while more than 28,000 homes were without power across the state. Pristine beaches on the Gold and Sun Coasts, which are key tourist attractions, all closed.

Flooded scenes at Rocklea on Brisbane’s Southside [Jason O’Brien/AAP Image via Reuters]

New York to lift statewide school mask mandate

The US state of New York is lifting its masking requirement in schools by March 2, Governor Kathy Hochul has said, citing a dramatic drop in COVID-19 infections and new federal guidelines.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said he plans to lift vaccination mandates at restaurants, bars and theaters by early next week if infections and hospitalizations continue their upward trend. decrease.

A mask mandate on about one million school children in the city could also be lifted, Adams said in a statement.

The decision will not come until Friday, after a full week of lessons after students in the country’s largest school system return after a week’s vacation, he said.

North Korea says its test was aimed at developing a reconnaissance satellite

North Korea said a test on Sunday was for the development of a reconnaissance satellite system, the official KCNA news agency reported a day after a missile launch from the country was detected.

The KCNA report did not specify what type of rocket was used in the test, but South Korean authorities said it was apparently a ballistic missile fired from an area near Pyongyang where the international airport.

The launch was the eighth test this year and the first since January, when nuclear-armed North Korea fired a record number of missiles.

Christi C. Elwood