RTE journalist Tony Connelly documents the flight from Kiev, the Ukrainian capital

RTÉ’s Europe editor Tony Connelly shared coverage of the escalating situation in Ukraine on the go, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Irish journalist Tony took to Twitter to share a 16-second clip depicting back-to-back traffic that can be seen moving slowly down a public highway as people desperately scramble to leave Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv.

Alongside the music video, RTÉ Europe editor Tony revealed he was fleeing Kyiv and heading to the city of Lviv, which is closer to Poland.

In the tweet, Mr Connelly revealed: “On the way to Kyiv, the slowness after 1 hour got this far…”

The brave editor provided another update showing a photo from Google Maps, as he said: “But no incidents so far. On the way to Lviv…”

It comes as Mr Connelly was on the ground talking to people in Kyiv about how they are coping during the Russian invasion.

Ukrainian officials are preparing for a Russian assault on the capital, Kiev, as the large-scale attack enters a second day.

It is reported that Tony and the RTÉ team have been moved to a basement due to fears of air raids in the capital, Kyiv.

Tony revealed on Twitter that two children had died and discussed the unfolding situation: “Early morning photo in Kyiv: a number of heavy airstrikes overnight, air raid sirens going off All night long.

“People housed in shelters and in the metro. President Zelenskiy, in a first speech, declared 137 dead so far across the country,” he said.

On Friday morning, RTE editor Tony told Morning Ireland: ‘Last night was quite disruptive. There were air raid sirens all night long, missile strikes on various locations inside the capital.

“The Ukrainian government said it shot down a Russian military plane and that it in turn crashed into a burning building since then.

He added: “Many people left yesterday, tens of thousands crowding the roads heading west. People reportedly spent up to 6 p.m. trying to flee the city.

“There was a call last night for men between the ages of 18 and 60 not to leave the country, to be available for home defence.”

The Russian military continued to blast missiles across Kiev as army tanks moved through the city, with residents seeking refuge in the underground transportation system for fear of air raids.

According to the UN refugee agency, around 100,000 Ukrainians have been displaced, and thousands have fled to neighboring European states.

Western leaders announced heavy sanctions against Russian banks, oligarchs and institutions, but did not remove Russia from the Swift transfer system.

It comes as the Ukrainian president revealed that Finland has allocated a €50 million aid package to Ukraine.

He said: “Discussed with @niinisto to counter aggressor. Briefed on our defence, insidious shelling of Kyiv. Grateful to Finland for allocating $50m in aid. This is an effective contribution to the coalition anti-war. We continue to work. We must increase sanctions and defense support.

Due to Russia’s invasion, UEFA have announced that they will move this year’s Champions League final from Saint Petersburg to Paris.

As the Ukrainian President said, he is ready to talk with Moscow. While Syria has pledged to support Russia.

Christi C. Elwood