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Image source: AP

This Sunday, February 13, 2022, a satellite image provided by Maxar Technologies shows a close-up view of the battlegroup forming in Soloti, Russia, east of the border with Ukraine.

Strong points

  • Various international reports suggest that Russia could attack Ukraine early Wednesday
  • Reports arrived even when diplomatic talks between Moscow and the West are open
  • The West has warned Russia of serious consequences if it invades Ukraine

Live updates of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis: Various international reports suggest that Russia is ready to invade Ukraine at any moment, as tensions continue to rise between the two countries. Reports citing senior US sources suggest that Russia could attack Ukraine around 1am UK time on Wednesday with a massive missile bombardment and 200,000 troops, even if Moscow’s diplomatic channels with the West are always open. Earlier in the day, Moscow said some military forces deployed on Ukraine’s border were being returned to bases, however, the NATO chief said there was ‘cautious optimism’ about signals from Russia on Ukraine, but no sign of de-escalation. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said British intelligence on tensions between Russia and Ukraine was “not encouraging”. Tension between Russia and Ukraine has been building since the latter’s offer to join NATO, which Russia did not want at any cost amid a stalemate over Moscow’s other demands of the West. The United States and its allies warned Putin that if Russia went ahead and invaded Ukraine, it would have very serious consequences. Find all updates on the Russian-Ukrainian crisis here.

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