Russia Ukraine News | Russian missile strike kills several in Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Russia Ukraine News | Russian missile strike kills several in Mykolaiv, Ukraine | Russian missile strike kills 7 in MykolaivA Russian S-300 missile strike killed seven people overnight in Mykolaiv, a town about 68 kilometers (42 miles) from the regional capital of Kherson, the office of the Ukrainian president. A residential building and rescue teams were sifting through the rubble for survivors. Mykolaiv resident Serhii Serebriakov said he heard an explosion around 3:30 a.m. (0130 GMT). The Russian Defense Ministry did not admit to hitting a residential building in Mykolaiv, saying only that an ammunition depot had been destroyed “in the area of ​​the city”. At least 14 civilians between Thursday morning and Friday morning Mykolaiv mayor fears intensified Russian shelling With Ukrainian gains in the Kherson region, Mykolaiv Mayor Oleksandr Sienkevych has warned that shelling of his city could intensify. “The more Russia loses, the more it lowers its terrorism bar,” he said, recalling the bombing of Mykolaiv on Friday morning, where seven people were killed. Mykolaiv has been heavily bombarded since the first day of Russia’s invasion. The city is mainly attacked from the wider Kherson region, and Sienkevych believes that Russia’s withdrawal from the city of Kherson will not cause significant change for Mykolaiv, where civilians often become a target. Sienkevych said the city remains within range of S-300 missiles, which he says can hit targets in the city a minute after launch, leaving too little time to warn people. Russia and Ukraine exchange prisoners. On Friday as part of a prisoner exchange with Russia. The exchange saw Kyiv return 45 servicemen and the bodies of two dead soldiers. Details of the exchange were given by the President of Ukraine According to the head of the office, Andriy Yermak, who also heads prisoner exchange relations with Russia, among those returned to Ukraine are soldiers and sergeants who have been in active combat. Videos and images shared by the Ukrainian official show men in army gear and civilian clothes arriving in a truck and saluting their own. News of the exchange comes as Russian troops appear to have relinquished control of the city southern Kherson, a major turning point in the war.Satellite breaks damaged bridge, dam near KhersonSatellite images released on Friday showed damaged key infrastructure near the Ukrainian city of Kherson where Russia has just released its foothold. Aerial photographs by Maxar Technologies show damage to the Antonovskiy Bridge and the Nova Kakhovka Dam that cross the Dnieper on the southern side of the regional capital. Moscow confirmed on Friday that thousands of its troops had completed their withdrawal to the east bank of the ri ver.The withdrawal came six weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin illegally annexed the Kherson region and three other Ukrainian provinces, swearing they would remain Russian forever. Satellite images showed damage to the northern and southern ends of the Antonovskiy Bridge span. Russian media suggested the bridge blew up after the Russian withdrawal; pro-Kremlin journalists posted images of the bridge missing a large section.

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