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RUSSIA SHARES IMAGES OF MILITARY TRAINING IN BELARUS Belarus has approved the establishment of two joint troop training centers with Moscow on the territory of the Eastern European country, which borders Ukraine. ukraine.UKRAINIAN POLICE, BROADCASTS RETURN TO KHERSONAuthorities say Ukrainian police and broadcasts have returned to the southern city of Kherson after Russian troops withdrew after more than eight months of occupation. and surrounding villages were recaptured. The report also showed large ammunition stores whi ch said were apparently left behind by Russian forces. In one village, Ukrainian soldiers were greeted by a hero and posed for selfies with overwhelmed residents. UKRAINIAN FORCES MET THE CHEERS IN THE VILLAGE OF KHERSON Civilians in the Kherson region continued to greet Ukrainian soldiers with cheers and celebrations on Saturday, according to footage shared by the country’s National Guard. Celebrations erupted in the city of Kherson on Friday as advanced members of special forces entered the city following the Russian withdrawal. Russia has given up its last foothold in the big city – one of the first to be captured in the invasion which began on February 24. The withdrawal could serve as a springboard for further advances in the occupied territory. The Russian Defense Ministry said its troops had finished withdrawing from the west bank of the river that divides Ukraine’s Kherson region by 5 a.m. The area they left included the city of Kherson, the only provincial capital that Russia had captured during its nearly nine-month invasion of Ukraine. Videos and photos on social media showed residents taking to the streets in jubilation, waving Ukrainian flags and singing in celebration.

Christi C. Elwood