Russian airline personnel receive conscription notices following Putin’s mobilization order

LONDON – According to the Russian national newspaper, the Kommersant, personnel of Russian airlines and airport facilities have started receiving military conscription notices for service in Ukraine.

The newspaper reports that employees of at least five Russian airlines, including carrier Aeroflot, as well as staff at more than ten airports have received military call-up notices.

This news comes just days after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial military mobilization.

The Kommersant said sources at three companies say potentially 50-80% of employees could be called up, with a source close to major airline Aeroflot saying more than half of staff at three of the group’s airlines could potentially be called up. recruited.

Kommersant further observed that at least five companies have started compiling, and two have already sent, lists of employees to be exempted from the project, since the exemption is essential not only for pilots and air traffic controllers, but also for technical, commercial and IT specialists.

Recruitment of 300,000 reservists

The reported airline and airport staffing plans are part of Russia’s recently imposed plans to conscript up to 300,000 reservists to bolster the country’s ongoing war in Ukraine.

The people drafted under this week’s draft plan will serve to supplement the huge number of casualties suffered by Russian forces in the conflict.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced on Wednesday that around 300,000 reservists would be called up, saying they would be specialists with combat experience.

Although Putin himself did not take credit for the call for conscription, he did support the Russian Defense Ministry.

He described the proposed action plan as necessary “to defend our homeland, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to ensure the safety of our people and our people in the liberated territories.”

The first wartime mobilization since World War II

The announcement of the mobilization this week is significant because it is the first time that such an event has taken place since the Second World War.

Many Western observers characterize the move as an act of growing desperation as the war in Ukraine takes its toll on Russian aggressors.

The call-up must be directed “only to military reservists, primarily those who have served in the armed forces and who have specific military occupational specialties and corresponding experience.”

As for the actuality of aviation personnel recruitment, it is understood that most airline pilots are reserve officers educated in the military departments of flight schools or soldiers who have completed their military service.

Christi C. Elwood