The crisis in Ukraine weighs heavily on children

Ukraine (MNN) — The Ukrainian crisis is weighing heavily on the next generation. According to government figuresover 150 children have been killed and 246 injured as of 15 April. Experts say the actual numbers are likely much higher.

Deaths and injuries are just the beginning of compounded mental health issues and trauma that children now have to deal with. More information on this here.

Most of the Ukrainian refugees in Europe are women and children. All left behind fathers and brothers; many have endured unspeakable horrors on the way to safety.

“Moms are hopeless. They left their husbands, fathers and brothers behind to fight in Ukraine,” said Greg Yoder of Keys for Children’s Ministries said.

“Children feel that (desperation). They are so scared; They are worried.

Keys for Kids is printing an additional 200,000 devotionals in Ukrainian and Russian so partners can bring hope to frightened refugees. “They seek the truth; even non-Christians want answers,” Yoder says.

“We walk alongside them and help them grow in their faith.

Keys needs your help with printing costs. Click here for more details. Above all, pray. Ask the Lord how He wants you to respond now that you know.

“Imagine [if] your environment [were] decimated. Would you like someone to help you? Would you like someone to help your children? Put yourself in the shoes of some of these mothers, some of these children, and say, “What can I do to make their lives a little bit better? suggests Yoder.

“It can be (providing) food; it can give hope in a difficult circumstance by providing scripture, or keys for children or Unblocked.”

In the header image, a Polish policeman holds a little girl as Ukrainian refugees cross the border. (Wikimedia Commons/梁柏堅Pakkin Leung)

Christi C. Elwood