The Day – American among civilians killed in Russian attack in Ukraine

WASHINGTON (AP) — An American was killed in a Russian attack on the northern Ukrainian town of Chernihiv where he was seeking medical treatment for his partner. Jim Hill’s death was reported Thursday by his sister.

“My brother Jimmy Hill was killed yesterday in Chernihiv, Ukraine. He was waiting in a bread line with several other people when they were shot” by Russian military forces, his sister, Cheryl Hill Gordon, wrote on Facebook. “His body was found on the street by local police.”

Ukrainian officials said 10 people were killed in Chernihiv on Wednesday as they stood in the queue.

Chernihiv police and the US State Department confirmed the death of an American but did not identify him. Hill was at least the second US citizen to be killed in the conflict, following the murder of journalist and filmmaker Brent Renaud last week.

In harrowing Facebook posts in the weeks before his death, Hill described an ‘indiscriminate shelling’ of a besieged city and joked about wanting to appear ‘weak-minded’ if captured by the Russians .

Under a photo of him, he wrote on March 8: “I haven’t shaved for 10 days. I actually try to look as old and dim-witted (not tough) as possible in case they catch me. I’m working on my Rainman ‘Oh Boy’ accent…”

Hill, a native of Eveleth, Minnesota, who lived in Driggs, Idaho, identified himself as a lecturer at universities in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, and Warsaw, Poland. He said he was in Chernihiv with his girlfriend to receive medical treatment.

“We stay on the 3rd floor of the hospital. Most patients in a bomb shelter in the basement. But it’s cold there and no internet,” he wrote on February 26, two days after the start of the invasion.

Four days later, he said, “No one in Chernihiv is safe. Indiscriminate bombings. … Ukrainian forces hold the town but are surrounded. It’s a seat here. Nobody inside. Nobody outside.

At least 53 people have been taken to morgues in the past 24 hours, killed in heavy Russian airstrikes and ground fire in Chernihiv, local governor Viacheslav Chaus told Ukrainian television on Thursday.

Christi C. Elwood