The oil depot in kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, is bombed by Russia

In the latest development, an oil depot in the Ukrainian capital, kyiv, was bombed by Russia on Friday. The visuals accessible by Republic Media Network show that the Russian attack resulted in a thick black fog rising from the oil depot. Russian troops surrounded kyiv and also shelled and launched missiles in suburban areas.

The Russian Defense Ministry, as the war escalates day by day, released videos showing their shelling in various cities in Ukraine, including Mariupol. There is an information war between the two countries as Ukrainians also drop videos, showing how they are resisting attacks by Russian armed forces in order to protect their homeland’s sovereignty and democracy.

Russia accepts the murder of its 1,350 soldiers

According to a report by RIA News, the Russian Ministry of Defense admitted to the killing of more than 1,350 Russian soldiers during the “military operation”. According to the media, at least 1,351 soldiers died and 3,825 were injured. While the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, in a Facebook post on Friday, March 25, claimed that around 16,100 Russian soldiers have lost their lives since Russia began the invasion on February 24. According to the ministry, Russia lost 1,625 armored fighting machines, 291 artillery systems, 90 MLRS, 561 tanks, 124 helicopters, 115 aircraft, 49 anti-aircraft warfare systems and 1,089 vehicles. In addition, 53 unmanned aerial vehicles, five ships, including ships and boats, 72 fuel tanks and 18 special equipment from Russia were destroyed.

Moreover, as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy drove to shut down the country’s airspace amid the war, the Russian Defense Ministry reacted strongly and warned the war-torn county to face the dire consequences. “The Russian military will immediately respond appropriately to attempts to close the airspace over Ukraine,” Nexta said quoting the defense minister.

It is relevant to mention here that Russia launched a full-fledged war against Ukraine almost two days after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree recognizing the independence of the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk. Putin’s action came despite repeated warnings from the West and speculation that he was ill-intentioned to invade Ukraine. On February 24, Russian troops launched a military operation against Ukraine. Since then, it has bombed several cities in Ukraine, killing thousands of civilians.

Christi C. Elwood