UK to reopen embassy in Ukrainian capital Kyiv, Boris Johnson announces

The British government will reopen the British embassy in kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, next week, Boris Johnson has announced.

The embassy was moved away from the city in mid-February, shortly before Vladimir Putin’s Russian forces launched a brutal invasion of the country.

The prime minister said on Friday it was now safe for British diplomats to return to Kyiv, after Ukrainian forces successfully repelled Russian advances on the capital.

“The extraordinary courage and success of President Zelensky and the people of Ukraine in resisting Russian forces in Kyiv means that I can announce today that we will very soon, next week, be reopening our embassy in the Ukrainian capital.” he said at a press conference in India.

However, Mr Johnson did not pressure his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi to strengthen his stance against Putin over the invasion of Ukraine.

Downing Street acknowledged that Mr Johnson did not raise India’s formal neutrality at the UN over the Russian invasion during his meeting in New Delhi.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said ‘he was not here to talk to another democratic country about what action they should take’.

Mr Johnson said on Friday that India and the UK were ‘sticking together and facing our common anxiety about autocracies and autocratic coercion around the world’.

When asked if he had pressured Mr Modi over Russia, Mr Johnson said: “You have to acknowledge that the Indians and Narendra Modi in particular have come forward and been very strong in their language about the events at Bucha.”

The Prime Minister added: “He has intervened several times with Vladimir Putin, really to ask him what he thinks he is doing and where he thinks it is going. What the Indians want is peace and they want the Russians gone [of Ukraine]. And I totally agree with that. »

More than a dozen countries have already sent diplomats back to Kyiv this month after Moscow refocused its attention on the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine.

The EU reopened its diplomatic mission in Kyiv earlier this month, while Italy, France and Portugal also sent officials to reopen embassies.

A contingent of British personnel have remained in western Ukraine to provide humanitarian and other support for the past two months. Foreign Minister Liz Truss paid tribute to “the bravery and resilience of the embassy team and their work throughout this period”.

It is “symbolically important” for Western countries to try to “continue the work of the embassy as normally as possible”, said a senior diplomat from Eastern Europe. Foreign Police.

Christi C. Elwood