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People attend an anti-war demonstration outside the Russian Embassy in Bogota, Colombia on Saturday. (Photo: Reuters)

India’s abstention from voting on the draft resolution with the text “deploring in the strongest terms” Russia for its operations inside Ukraine was not a surprise, given the the fine balance Delhi has sought to strike between crucial partnerships with Moscow and its Western allies over the past month. of the worsening of the crisis.

Russia used its veto to kill the draft resolution co-sponsored by the United States and Albania, and which was also sponsored by more than 40 other members of the General Assembly. When a resolution is put to a vote, the members of the UNSC must vote before one of the 5 permanents decides to veto it. With the abstention, India managed to hold its balancing act for another day, despite considerable pressure from the West to break out of the fence and an open plea from the Russian envoy in Delhi for support.

Indian students stranded in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and the northeastern city of Kharkiv on Saturday woke up to heavy shelling by Russian forces on Saturday. Hundreds of Indian students in Kyiv retreated to underground cellars after missiles hit residential apartments in the city, even as their counterparts in hardest-hit Kharkiv continued to languish in underground metros for the third consecutive day.

Muhammed Afsal, a medical student at Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv, said there was heavy shelling early in the morning. “We woke up to hearing explosions, which shattered our belief that we were safe. The hostel staff led us all to the bunker. During the day, many of us stayed near the entrance to the bunker to rush to the underground cellar at the sound of the siren.

Christi C. Elwood