Ukraine crisis: Scotland’s “super sponsors” program grants hundreds of visas

A TOTAL of 570 visas were issued under the Scottish Government’s Super Sponsorship scheme for Ukrainian refugees, out of 1,620 visas relating to Scottish sponsors.

The latest data shows there have been 55,600 visa applications under the Homes for Ukraine scheme UK-wide, with 25,100 visas issued.

Under the separate Ukrainian family regime, 39,100 applications were filed and 31,400 visas were issued.

The devolved administrations of Scotland and Wales have offered to act as ‘super sponsors’ under the Homes for Ukraine scheme, providing temporary accommodation as a first step before finding more permanent accommodation for the people fleeing war.

Scottish Government Minister Neil Gray has been given special responsibility for refugees arriving from Ukraine.

He previously said the UK government’s pace of visa approvals was “icy cold”, and on Thursday he said progress in approving visa applications must continue.

Gray said: “Although there has been progress in the number of visas approved by the UK government, we need to see it continue.

“We have always said that the pace at which the Home Office is moving forward on visas is simply not good enough, and while we recognize that changes have been made, we will continue to press the UK Government to that it do everything in its power to speed up its approval processes. .

“The Scottish government has established itself as a ‘super sponsor’ to get the Ukrainian people to safety quickly, and the frustratingly slow pace has worked against that goal.

“As the brutal war in Ukraine continues and millions have fled their homes, we will continue the vital work of offering a warm welcome to all Ukrainians seeking safety and refuge in Scotland.”

Christi C. Elwood