Ukraine crisis: Ural Airlines A320 disabled on Irkutsk runway

LONDON – It emerged that a Ural Airlines Airbus A320 got stuck after landing on the runway at Irkutsk airport due to stuck brakes on landing.

It is understood that this incident happened yesterday at the airport. Also, it is unclear when this aircraft will return to service due to sanctions caused by the ongoing Ukraine crisis, resulting in a lack of spare parts.

The plane in question was RA-73830, a 23.3-year-old Airbus A320-200, owned by Ural Airlines since December 2008.

RA-73830 began life as EC-HDL with Iberia in September 1999 before being transferred to Philippine Airlines in November 2004 as RP-C3225.

From there the plane was sent to Clickair in December 2007 as Clickair, where it stayed with the airline for only a year before heading to Ural Airlines in December 2008 as VQ- BAG.

In March 2022, the aircraft’s registration changed to RA-73830 following the mass nationalization of all aircraft leased by the Russian government.

According to data, the aircraft had just completed U62942 from Dushanbe to Irkutsk, having left DYU at 07:30 local time, before arriving in Irkutsk at 15:29 local time.

Below are images from local media in Russia:

This is a developing story.

Christi C. Elwood