Ukraine news BREAKING: Desperate Putin ‘uses conscripts’ as cannon fodder as Russia ‘sends soldiers to DEATH’

Russian reservists join battle near Dnipro River, Defense Ministry reports

The UK Ministry of Defense has released its latest information on the conflict in Ukraine.

“Russia has probably reinforced some of its units west of the Dnipro river with mobilized reservists. However, this stems from an extremely low manpower level,” the statement said.

“In September 2022, Russian officers described the companies in the Kherson sector as consisting of six to eight men each. The companies are expected to deploy with around 100 personnel.

“Over the past six weeks, Russian ground forces have made a clear decision to move to a long-term defensive posture in most frontline areas in Ukraine.

“This is likely due to a more realistic assessment that the severely under-equipped and poorly trained Ukrainian force is currently only capable of defensive operations.

“Even if Russia succeeds in consolidating long-term defensive lines in Ukraine, its operational design will remain vulnerable.

“To regain the initiative, he will have to regenerate higher quality mobile forces capable of dynamically countering Ukrainian breakthroughs and carrying out their own large-scale offensive operations.”

Christi C. Elwood