Ukraine news BREAKING: Putin’s troops dumped the bodies of dead soldiers in a landfill where ‘a stench of burning flesh filled the air’

Russia continues to bomb Luhansk, Defense Ministry intelligence reveals

The UK Ministry of Defense has shared some additional information about the Russian bombing of Luhansk.

The statement reads: “Over the past seven days, intense artillery exchanges have continued around the Svatove sector in Luhansk Oblast in northeastern Ukraine.

“As on other parts of the front, Russian forces continue to prioritize the construction of defensive positions, almost certainly partially occupied by poorly trained mobilized reservists.

“With Russia’s southwestern front line now more easily defensible along the eastern bank of the Dnipro River, the Svatove sector is likely now a more vulnerable operational flank of the Russian force.

“As a major population center in Luhansk Oblast, Russian leaders will most likely see maintaining control of Svatove as a political priority.

“However, commanders are likely grappling with the military realities of maintaining a credible defence, while also trying to fund offensive operations further south in Donetsk.

“Russian defensive and offensive capabilities continue to be hampered by severe shortages of ammunition and trained personnel.”

Christi C. Elwood