Ukraine news latest: Evil Vladimir Putin admits heavy casualties as Zelensky’s troops mount heroic response

Ukraine launches new military offensive in Kherson

The UK Ministry of Defense revealed the new Ukrainian offensive in its latest strategy update.

The statement read: “The Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a new phase of offensive operations in Kherson Oblast on October 2, 2022.

“Advancing south, Ukrainian units pushed the front line forward up to another 20 km, making gains mainly along the eastern bank of the Inhulets and the western bank of the Dnipro, but not threatening not yet the main Russian defensive positions.

“Russian forces have generally broken contact and withdrawn. Russian commanders are likely to regard the growing threat to the Nova Kakhovka sector as one of their most pressing concerns.

“The damaged river crossing the Dnipro in this area remains one of the few routes available to supply the forces.

“Russia faces a dilemma: the withdrawal of combat forces across the Dnipro makes the defense of the rest of Kherson Oblast more tenable; but the political imperative will be to stay and defend.

“Russia committed the majority of its seriously under-equipped airborne forces, the VDV, to the defense of Kherson.

“As a result, Russia currently has few additional high-quality forces that can be deployed quickly to stabilize the front: it is likely aiming to deploy mobilized reservists in the area.”

Christi C. Elwood