Ukraine news live updates: Zelensky says ‘we will’ beat Russia as Putin expands attack on Western cities

Zelensky denies that Ukraine is planning a chemical attack on Russia

Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, said his country had reached a “strategic turning point” in the conflict against Russia and vowed that his forces would prevail.

In a televised address, he said: “It is impossible to say how many days we still have to liberate Ukrainian land. But we can say that we will. Because we have already reached a strategic turning point.

He also accused Russia of deploying Syrian mercenaries to Ukraine, after Vladimir Putin invited people to volunteer and fight for him.

Earlier, local authorities said Russian airstrikes hit near airports in the western Ukrainian cities of Ivano-Frankivsk and Lutsk, far from Russia’s main attack targets elsewhere in the country.

Russian forces also shelled a psychiatric hospital near the eastern Ukrainian town of Izyum, Ukrainian regional authorities said, two days after hitting a maternity hospital in Mariupol.


Woman near Irpin pictured rescuing disabled dogs

This striking image, tweeted by the official record of Ukraine’s parliament, shows a woman near the war-ravaged suburb of Irpin rescuing disabled dogs from a shelter.

Tom BatchelorMarch 11, 2022 3:17 p.m.


Putin hails ‘positive changes’ in talks with Ukraine

Vladimir Putin said progress had been made in Moscow’s talks with Ukraine, while the Kremlin said the conflict would end when the West took steps to address Moscow’s concerns.

During a Kremlin meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, Putin said Western sanctions would not stop Russia’s development and Russia would eventually be stronger.

He then said that the Ukrainian negotiations take place practically every day.

“There are some positive changes, the negotiators on our side tell me,” Putin said. “I’ll talk about all that later.”

Tom BatchelorMarch 11, 2022 3:09 p.m.


Erdogan suggests war could have been avoided if the world had responded to Crimea

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has hinted that war in Ukraine could have been avoided had the world spoken out against Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.

“Would we have faced such a picture if the West, the whole world, had raised its voice? Mr. Erdogan asked. “Those who remained silent in the face of the Crimean invasion are now saying some things.”

Mr Erdogan spoke on Friday at a diplomatic forum near the Turkish Mediterranean city of Antalya, where Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba met for talks the day before. facilitated by the Turkish Foreign Minister.

Mr Erdogan said Turkey would continue its efforts for peace.

Tom BatchelorMarch 11, 2022 3:02 p.m.


Watch live Kamala Harris and the Romanian president talk about the Russian-Ukrainian war

Watch live Kamala Harris and the Romanian president talk about the Russian-Ukrainian war

Tom BatchelorMarch 11, 2022 2:38 p.m.


EU pledges more aid to Ukraine as it mulls how to live without Russian oil and gas

The EU has pledged millions more in aid to Ukraine and will soon publish a plan to wean the continent off Russian oil and gas by 2027, EU leaders have said.

After a meeting of EU leaders in Versailles, Frenchman Emmanuel Macron said a proposal for aid of 500 million euros was put forward.

German Olaf Scholz said that Ukraine’s application for EU membership had been forwarded to the European Commission.

France and Italy have also warned that Russia faces the prospect of tougher sanctions.

Tom BatchelorMarch 11, 2022 2:33 p.m.


Pregnant woman accused of faking injuries after Ukraine hospital bombing gives birth

A Ukrainian beauty blogger accused of faking her injuries after a Russian bomb hit a maternity ward is said to have given birth.

Horrifying images emerged on Wednesday of victims leaving the medical center after a bombardment by Russian forces in the besieged city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine.

Marianna Podgurskaya was one of the women in hospital waiting to give birth and was pictured very pregnant with facial injuries as she walked down a flight of stairs in teddy bear pajamas, holding bags containing her belongings.

Tom BatchelorMarch 11, 2022 2:16 p.m.


Ukraine claims to have killed more than 12,000 Russian soldiers and shot down 140 planes

Exact figures on the number of dead and wounded, as well as the loss of weapons and vehicles, in Russia’s war against Ukraine are difficult to determine, with neither side giving up-to-date information on their own losses.

But on Friday, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry claimed its forces had killed more than 12,000 Russian troops, shot down 140 aircraft (83 helicopters and 57 fixed-wing aircraft) and destroyed 353 tanks.

Tom BatchelorMarch 11, 2022 1:57 p.m.


UN says 564 civilians, including 41 children, killed in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has claimed the lives of 564 civilians, including 41 children, the UN human rights office (OHCHR) announced on Friday.

The actual toll is believed to be considerably higher as it has not yet been able to corroborate reports from areas where intense hostilities are ongoing, OHCHR said.

Most died from the use of explosive weapons, including heavy artillery fire, missiles and airstrikes, he added.

Tom BatchelorMarch 11, 2022 1:45 p.m.


Russian forces ‘launch 775 missiles against Ukraine’

Ukraine has accused Russian forces of launching more than 775 missiles since the start of the invasion.

The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security said hundreds of civilians were killed and thousands lost their homes.

Tom BatchelorMarch 11, 2022 1:22 p.m.


Sweden expects 76,000 Ukrainian refugees in coming months

Sweden expects to take in around 76,000 refugees from Ukraine in the coming months, the state migration agency said.

The agency said the forecast was uncertain and presented three scenarios ranging from 27,000 to 212,000 refugees by June.

Sweden is preparing sports halls, warehouses and exhibition centers to accommodate Ukrainians fleeing the war zone.

“The highest scenario includes prolonged and increased brutality in the conflict and that the conflict moves west in Ukraine. Unfortunately, these are the things we are seeing right now,” the agency’s boss said. of Migration, Mikael Ribbenvik, during a press conference on Friday.

It comes after the UN announced that a total of 2.5 million people have fled Ukraine so far, with the majority passing through Poland.

sam hancockMarch 11, 2022 1:00 p.m.

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