Ukraine-Russia war: Ukrainian soldiers train near the Belarusian border

Ukrainian soldiers trained in the northern area of ​​operations, near the border with Belarus, to check the readiness of its units, according to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“The danger exists because the Republic of Belarus is an ally of the Russian Federation in the aggression against Ukraine,” said Serhiy Naev, commander of the joint forces who took part in the training.

According to official information, the military training included measures to counter the sabotage and destruction of illegal armed formations.

On Monday, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said he and Russian President Vladimir Putin had agreed to create a “regional grouping of troops”, but gave no details on where and when such a grouping might be deployed.

Lukashenko’s statement follows his repeated claims that Ukraine is planning an attack on Belarus.

More than seven months after Russia invaded Ukraine, there is no indication that Kyiv forces are planning an attack on Belarus

Belarusian Defense Minister Victor Khrenin has ruled out any active participation in the war in Ukraine.

“We don’t want to fight Lithuanians, Poles or Ukrainians,” Khrenin said in a video statement Monday.

The remarks followed Lukashenko’s announcement that Belarus would host several thousand Russian troops.

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Christi C. Elwood