Ukraine’s direct war losses rise by $3.1 billion to $88 billion

The total amount of documented direct damage to Ukrainian infrastructure as a result of the Russian military invasion has reached almost $88 billion, the head of the president’s office Andriy Yermak said on Telegram.

“Over the past week, direct losses to the Ukrainian economy due to the destruction and damage to civilian and military infrastructure have increased by $3.1 billion,” he wrote, referring to the Russia Will Pay project implemented by the KSE Institute with the support of the Bureau. of the President of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Reintegration and the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Yermak said that the total losses of the Ukrainian economy – direct and indirect – due to the war range from 564 billion dollars to 600 billion dollars.

“Russia must be responsible for all crimes and destruction in our state, and it is at the expense of the aggressor, in addition to international aid and money from our budget, that Ukraine must be restored “said the head of the president’s office. of Ukraine said.

He said that this estimate of the cost of losses from the ongoing war has so far only been made on the basis of public sources.

According to the data he cited, to date at least 23,000 km of roads, 277 bridges and bridge crossings, 11 military airfields, 1 airport have been destroyed or seized.

In addition, 535 kindergartens, 866 secondary, higher and higher educational institutions, 231 medical institutions, 173 factories and enterprises, at least 75 administrative buildings were damaged or destroyed.

Christi C. Elwood