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Sabina Higgins, the wife of Irish President Michael Higgins, has defended a letter she wrote which critics say equated the actions of Russia and Ukraine.

In a statement on Tuesday evening, Ms Higgins condemned Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine and said she was “appalled” by the criticism she has received in recent days.

“I have strongly condemned the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine from the start and can only be appalled that people find anything unacceptable in a plea for peace and negotiations when the future of humanity is threatened by war, global warming and famine,” she added. said.

It comes after she wrote a letter to the Irish Times last week criticizing an op-ed about the dispute.

The letter said the fighting would continue until the world “persuades Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to agree to a ceasefire and negotiations”.

Senators and government commentators criticized Ms Higgins for the letter.

Fianna Fail senator Malcolm Byrne said Ms Higgins was ‘totally wrong to try to see an equivalence in the positions of Ukraine and Russia’, while Fine Gael senator John McGahon said said that “interventions like this are seen as a tacit endorsement of the Russian regime”.

Christi C. Elwood