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Thick plumes of smoke seen after Odessa missile strikes

Volodymyr Zelensky made a surprise appearance at the 2022 Grammy Awards on Sunday night, asking attendees to “fill the silence” in war-torn Ukraine with their music and “tell our story.”

The president said in his pre-recorded video address that Ukrainian musicians wear “bulletproof vests instead of tuxedos” and sing for the wounded in hospitals.

“War. What could be more opposed to music? The silence of ruined cities and people killed,” he said.

“Our loved ones do not know if we will be together again. The war does not let us choose who survives and who remains in eternal silence,” the president said.

Meanwhile, Russia has refused to accept responsibility for atrocities in Bucha after journalists visiting the town documented bodies in the streets and mass graves, describing them as “false accusations”.

Ukrainian prosecutors investigating possible Russian war crimes discovered 410 bodies in towns near kyiv, Prosecutor General Iryna Venedyktova said on Sunday, adding that 140 of them had been examined.


Zelensky condemns Russian atrocities: ‘Butchers, murderers, torturers, rapists’

Volodymyr Zelensky called Russian soldiers ‘butchers, murderers, torturers and rapists’ for attacking civilians in towns surrounding kyiv over the weekend despite pledging to investigate all war crimes committed by Russian troops.

“Hundreds of people have been killed. Civilians tortured, executed. Corpses in the streets…,” Mr. Zelensky said in his nightly video address.

He added, “Concentrated evil has come to our land. Murderers. Torturers. The rapists. Looters. Who are called the army. And who only deserve death after what they did.

Ukraine’s president said he created a “special mechanism” to investigate all crimes committed by Russian forces.

Arpan RaiApril 4, 2022 6:13 a.m.


Editorial: Gruesome war crimes uncovered in Ukraine will make Russia a global pariah

The consequences of the attacks in Ukraine are out in the open for people to see. Among the burnt-out cars are also charred human remains on roads scavenged by Ukrainians outside kyiv, in Bucha, Irpin and elsewhere.

Heartbreaking visuals of Mariupol under siege show the sandboxes in Mariupol’s kindergarten playgrounds which have now turned into mass graves because the soft ground is quicker to dig up when burying corpses under shelling incessant.

And with every withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine, there is ample evidence of apparent war crimes.

The lesson to be learned from this conflict, like others in the past, is that indiscriminate bombing tends to build resistance.

Read The Independent’full editorial here:

Arpan RaiApril 4, 2022 05:58


Volodymyr Zelensky’s Speech at the Grammys: Full Text

Ukraine’s wartime president Volodymyr Zelensky made a special appearance at the 64th Grammy Awards, where he called on musicians around the world to “tell our story” in a powerful speech.

In a pre-recorded message 48 hours before the awards ceremony, Mr Zelensky said Ukrainian musicians wore “bulletproof vests instead of tuxedos” and sang to the wounded in hospitals.

Read his full speech here:

Arpan RaiApril 4, 2022 5:35 a.m.


Black smoke rises after Russian missiles hit fuel depots in Odessa – watch

Black smoke rises after Russian missiles hit fuel depots in Odessa

Emily AtkinsonApril 4, 2022 4:15 a.m.


Ukraine gains access to parts of Chernihiv region

Ukrainian troops have regained control of some towns in the Chernihiv region, allowing the delivery of humanitarian aid, the country’s army officials said on Sunday.

The road between Chernihiv and the capital kyiv is reopened to part of the traffic from today, the RBK Ukraina news agency reported.

The town had been cut off from receiving deliveries of food and essential supplies for weeks after Russian troops attacked it.

Relentless shelling has destroyed 70% of the city, its mayor said.

Arpan RaiApril 4, 2022 3:42 a.m.


Bucha barbarity reports are ‘false accusations’, Russia says

Reports of Russian atrocities in Bucha are ‘false accusations’, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said a day after footage from the Ukrainian city in kyiv Oblast showed corpses in the street.

Antonov said Ukraine launched artillery fire on Bucha in the past few days after Russian forces withdrew, Russian news agency TASS reported.

Journalists who have visited Bucha since the Russian withdrawal have questioned that account, saying the bodies appeared to have been there for some time.

Arpan RaiApril 4, 2022 3:23 a.m.


Zelensky at the Grammys: “Our musicians wear bulletproof vests instead of tuxedos”

Making a surprise appearance at the 2022 Grammy Awards, Volodymyr Zelensky asked Grammy attendees to “fill the silence” with their music and “tell our story.”

“War. What could be more opposed to music. The silence of cities in ruins and people killed,” he said in a virtual message.

“Our loved ones don’t know if we’ll be together again. War doesn’t let us choose who survives and who remains in eternal silence.

“Our musicians wear bulletproof vests instead of tuxedos. They sing to the wounded. In the hospitals. Even to those who can’t hear them, but the music will pierce anyway.

Mr. Zelensky’s speech was recorded 48 hours before the event in a bunker in kyiv and served as an introduction to John Legend’s live performance.

Roisin O’Connor talks about it here:

Arpan RaiApril 4, 2022 3:18 a.m.


Polish PM calls for firm response to civilian deaths in Ukraine

The European Union must impose tougher sanctions on Russia and supply more weapons to Ukraine, Poland’s prime minister said on Sunday, as he called for an international tribunal to investigate the killings in the city of Bucha.

Ukraine on Sunday accused Russian forces of carrying out a “massacre” in Bucha and Western leaders reacted with outrage to images of bodies strewn on the streets of the city. Russia denies Ukraine’s accusation.

“The crimes that Russia committed against nearly 300 residents of Bucha and other towns outside Kyiv must be qualified as acts of genocide and treated as such,” Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on Facebook.

“Anyone responsible – directly or indirectly – must be severely punished by an international court.”

Emily AtkinsonApril 4, 2022 3:15 a.m.


Pope’s tribute to journalists killed in Ukraine: “Fallen in the service of the common good”

Expressing his condolences and paying tribute to the journalists killed in the war in Ukraine, Pope Francis said he hoped God would reward them for serving the common good, “on whatever side they are.”

“I would like to express my condolences for your fallen colleagues, on whatever side they are,” the pope said.

“Your work is work for the common good. They have fallen into the service of the common good of information. Let’s not forget that they were brave. I pray for them, I pray that the Lord rewards their work,” he said.

A total of six journalists have been killed in the war in Ukraine so far, after Russian forces invaded the European country in late February.

Arpan RaiApril 4, 2022 03:10


Two Russian soldiers killed and 28 critically ill ‘after receiving poisoned food from Ukrainian civilians’

Two Russian soldiers have died and 28 are critically ill after being given poisoned pastries by Ukrainian civilians, according to Ukrainian intelligence.

Soldiers from Russia’s 3rd Motorized Rifle Division died immediately after eating the food in Izium, Kharkiv, the country’s Main Intelligence Directorate said in a Facebook post on Saturday.

According to the post, another 28 soldiers are in intensive care following the poisoning, while around 500 others are hospitalized with severe alcohol poisoning.

Emily AtkinsonApril 4, 2022 2:15 a.m.

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