US / Russia – Biden wants to talk to Putin about Ukraine crisis

Commenting on Russia’s demands, Biden said, “I don’t accept red lines from anyone. Russia has deployed more than 94,000 troops on the Ukrainian border and is preparing for a full-scale military offensive by the end of January, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksi Resnikov told intelligence agencies in Kiev on Friday.

According to a US media report, Russia plans to launch a multi-front offensive of up to 175,000 troops next year in the conflict with Ukraine. The Washington Post quoted a senior US government official on Friday as saying that Moscow’s plans called for a “full deployment of hundreds of battalions of around 175,000 tactical units with tanks, artillery and equipment.”

When questioned by the AFP news agency, the Pentagon declined to comment on the report. However, the ministry said it was “deeply concerned about signs that Russia might consider launching an offensive against Ukraine.” Pentagon spokesman Tony Semelroth said Washington supported “further expansion of the region and a diplomatic solution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine.”

According to the newspaper, the Russian armed forces are currently concentrated in four points. As a result, 50 tactical combat teams, tanks and artillery are engaged in the task of sending troops. The Washington Post cited an undisclosed US Secret Service document. Movements in and out of the border to mask the tactical approach and stir up uncertainty.

Russia has long been feared to attack its neighbor, as Russian forces are heavily concentrated on the border with Ukraine. Moscow denies such allegations. In response, the Kremlin accuses Ukraine of letting the West arm itself with military materiel and condemns NATO military maneuvers near Russian borders.

Christi C. Elwood