Video Shows Strange Clouds in Sky Over Ukrainian Capital, Caught Internet

The photo shows a strange cloud formation in the sky of kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

A video showing strange cloud formations over kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, is gaining traction on the internet. There was thunder and lightning, but no thunderstorm or rain due to these clouds, which surprised many social media users.

The video was shared by Olexander Scherba, former Ukrainian ambassador to Austria on Twitter.

“Last night, all of Kyiv saw and heard the strange cloud hanging over the city. Thunder and lightning without a storm, he writes.

The post has received over 57,000 views and 956 likes since it was shared. Users wished Ukraine success in the ongoing war against Russia, but also made strange guesses about the cloud.

“The energy of light is recharging in the hearts of people who love peace and freedom on our Earth,” one user wrote.

Another said: “Thor sends his best wishes to the soldiers.”

A third user wrote, “It could be aliens, a second coming, or just a storm. Or the ancient Norse god Thor decides to join the fight.”

According Hong Kong Observatory, clouds with thunder and lightning but no rain are called dry thunderstorms. In fact, storm clouds create rain, but the raindrops evaporate into the air before reaching the earth. This is possible if the clouds are high enough and the air humidity between the clouds and the ground is low enough.

A dry thunderstorm is extremely harmful to people on the ground because the rapid emergence of lightning in an environment without rain can go unnoticed. It is also the cause of several forest fires. Without rain to soak grasses and trees, a dry thunderstorm can easily start a fire and spread the flames.

Christi C. Elwood