Wang Yi says lessons must be learned from Ukraine crisis

All parties should learn lessons from the Ukraine crisis, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a phone conversation with Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto on Sunday.

Szijjarto, who requested the call, described the current situation in Europe and Hungary, in particular the economic and financial challenges Hungary is facing due to the fallout from the Ukraine crisis.

He said Hungary is satisfied with the achievements resulting from cooperation with China in various fields, especially the smooth progress of trade and investment cooperation.

Noting that the crisis in Ukraine has not only had a serious impact on Europe but also had negative spillovers around the world, Wang said China is committed to promoting peace negotiations even though the country was not a party to the Ukrainian crisis.

The lessons of the crisis run deep and deserve to be learned by all parties, he noted, adding that in the long term, the parties should discuss the construction of a balanced, effective and efficient European security framework. to achieve lasting peace and security.

Regarding China-Hungary relations, he said China is ready to work with Hungary to build bilateral relations in a pattern of more mature state-to-state relations and mutual trust, adding that the country will continue to pursue a friendly policy towards Hungary. and helping Chinese companies invest in Hungary.

He also called on Hungary to work to push the EU to adopt a positive and pragmatic policy towards China.

Szijjarto said China has never been a rival to Europe, but a partner that offers opportunities for cooperation.

Hungary will remain committed to promoting EU-China cooperation based on mutual respect, fairness and mutual benefit, he added.

(Cover: File photo of Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi./Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Christi C. Elwood