WHO response to the Ukrainian crisis


The Russian Federation’s military offensive in Ukraine, which began in February 2022, has triggered one of the most dynamic humanitarian and displacement crises in the world, with geopolitical and economic repercussions felt around the world. The ongoing war has caused large-scale disruptions in the delivery of health services and a near collapse of the health system. But the crisis has also seen extraordinary mobilization and response to a health emergency from WHO and its more than 100 partners.

The interim report that has just been published shows what has been achieved in just over three months; how WHO, Ukrainian health authorities and international and national partners have reached and helped millions of people and prevented the Ukrainian health system from disintegrating and ceasing to function.

By delivering specialized medical supplies, coordinating the deployment of emergency medical teams, verifying and reporting attacks on health care, and working with health authorities, WHO and its health partners have minimized the disruptions in the provision of essential health services in Ukraine and in countries hosting refugees.

This life-saving work would not be possible without your valuable and ongoing support.

Christi C. Elwood